Your car doesn't always need a full service. At NSSC you can choose service options to suit your budget and we'll schedule repairs over time.

All Mechanical & Electrical Repairs

  • NSW Registration Inspections
  • Pink & Blue Slips
  • Engine Services & Electronic Tune Ups
  • Engine Repairs & Overhauls
  • Engine Upgrades
  • New Car Log Book & Scheduled Services
  • Automatic Transmission & Clutch Repair
  • Manual Transmission & Clutch Repair
  • Brake Servicing (Including ABS diagnosis & repair)
  • Fault Diagnosis & Repair (Using the latest OBDII Technology)
  • Electronic Systems Diagnosis & Repair
  • Auto Electrical Services
  • Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Regas
  • Exhaust System Repairs
  • Radiator Repairs
  • Fuel Injection on Car & Off Car
  • Suspension & Shock Absorber Replacements
  • Lowering & Sports Suspension
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Tyre Fitment New & Used
  • Puncture Repairs
  • Wheel Balance & Laser Alignment


We have a range of exhausts to suit over 2,000 different vehicles (including European and 4WD) which can be expertly fitted to your car. Our specialists also have the skills to fit extractors, sports systems and catalytic converters.


Your brakes are a complex system. Our brake specialists guarantee a top quality repair - ensuring your safety.


One worn shock absorber could mean it takes up to 2.6 metres longer to stop. NSSC specialists will not only check your cars shock absorbers and struts but all suspension components including ball joints, tie rods and bushes.


  • Log Book Car Service

  • Car Service (Major and Minor)

  • Vehicles Safety Inspections

  • Brake Service and Repairs

  • Clutch Replacement

  • Suspension

  • Mufflers

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